Donations are one-time or reoccuring gifts made by an individual to T3.

Your Donation Impact:

If you are curious about the costs for one Veteran in the program, here is the breakdown:

  • On-Ramp $300 (50% Discount for Veterans. 9-class, personalized program.)
  • 1-Month Membership $135 (30% Discount for Veterans. Includes all gym and T3 programs.)
  • 6-Month Membership $810 (30% Discount for Veterans. Includes all gym and T3 programs.)

*Donations can be made in any amount.


Fundraising is different than a personal donation. Fundraising means you partake in an event to raise funds, or ask for donations on behalf of T3 from your network of friends, family and coworkers.

Host a Fundraiser.

  • Get your own fundraiser web page. We can get it started for you.
  • Build team spirit at your gym or office.
  • Fun and easy. Let’s get started!

Our programs rely on your generosity. We appreciate and are thankful for your support.

All funds raised support the Train to Transition mission to provide education, physical training and community programs to transitioning Veterans.

Train to Transition is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit organization. FEIN Tax Id for Donations is 81-5403868.