2018 T3 Memorial Day Fundraiser

Workout Announcement:

“As a CrossFit Affiliate owner I have always felt like it was a great honor and great responsibility to execute a Hero workout at the gym. To do it well. To honor the fallen. It is a job that I have always taken very seriously.”
-Skip Miller
Front Range CrossFit

The story behind the workout named “Wyatt”. (Link here).

30 minutes of:
30 double-unders
10 deadlifts
3 clean and jerks
1 snatch attempt

Your score is the total amount of weight snatched in the 30 minute work period.

You can pick any weight to put on the barbell. All barbell movements are done with the same weight. However, you only get one attempt at the snatch per round. So if you miss the snatch, you must do all of the other work before attempting another snatch.If you can’t do double-unders, you may substitute 50 jump rope singles or run a 150 meter run instead.

FRCF Schedule
10:30 AM Warm-up Starts
11:00 AM Jimmy Graham speaks about Wyatt
11:15 AM National Anthem
11:20 AM Workout begins

Anyone and everyone is welcome to do the workout at FRCF. Or, if you just want to come to the gym to hear Jimmy speak at 11AM, that is great too. We will have stations set up so that you can donate to T3 at the event.

How can you get involved?

1. Donate
2. Host a fundraiser at your gym
3. Get the word out #T3vets on social media.
4. Contact Skip for more info Skip@FrontRangeCrossFit.com

Don’t wait till it hits home.
Too many of our service men and women are struggling to re-adjust.

Support our vets

If you are a CrossFit Affiliate and wish to help us to raise money for this great cause, please contact Skip at Skip@TrainToTransition.org.