About us.

Train to Transition is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit based in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 2017.

The T3 Mission:

To help Veterans transition to civilian life through education, physical training and community.

What T3 Does:

T3 provides sponsored memberships to Veterans at T3 affiliated CrossFit gyms.

T3 Vision:

Our long-term vision is to place Veterans into the T3 affiliated CrossFit facilities across the country.  To develop a training program for Coaches to facilitate the program and appropriately support our Veteran’s needs.

How Does T3 Work?

How Does T3 Work?

Veterans in T3 are challenged physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally to transition a military mindset to an athletic mindset.

  • Physical: Re-build strength, create healthy habits.
  • Psychological: Emotional support of other Veterans in the Project.
  • Social: Make lasting, positive relationships. Personal and business networking.
  • Mental: Discipline, responsibility, self-respect, perseverance, accountability, confidence, positive attitude, coach-ability, self-control, mental focus, courage, resiliency, teamwork, trust, selflessness, pride.